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Within the Coating Industry, house paints are a low quality option when it comes to protecting our homes and businesses from the environment. They require continuous maintenance with sometimes less than desirable results.

The formulation for Ceramic Coatings has been used for decades for use in large commercial and industrial applications. Al-Technologies, Inc. makes this ceramic coating system available to residential and intermediate size commercial and light industrial customers. It is the Origional elastomeric ceramic coating system and incorporates a unique waterproofing adhesive primer/ sealer. Developed in south Florida, this coating system has to be able to withstand hurricane force winds and brutal temperatures and humidity. Ceramic Coating is not a copy or knock-off of any other product and has been manufacured, for commercial and industrial use for decades.

Ceramic Coating utilizes technology available today to make a protective coating that literally lasts for decades. The process begins with thorough preparation of the surfaces that are to receive the coating. This includes washing, caulking, scraping and sanding as well as the replacement or repair of any rotten or damaged areas.

Next is the application of Ceramic Coatings exclusive Adhesive Primer/ Sealer. This is a clear, flexible membrane that encapsulates and waterproofs and is sticky when dry to adhere and actually becomes part of the surface it is applied to.

The next coat is either the Ceramic Mid Coat (optional) or the final 2 coats of Ceramic Finish Coat. (The Ceramic Mid Coat is used to offer a thicker encapsulation of the surface that is being coated.)

The Ceramic Finish Coat is the color coat. The Ceramic Finish Coat is made with several DuPont resins. It utilizes acrylic resin to bind the solids together and elastomeric resin to retain flexibility and strength. The Ceramic Finish Coat also incorporates ceramic microspheres that are made by 3M. These tiny ceramic particles make up the solid content of Ceramic Coatings’ Finish Coat. They provide longevity to the coating and also have the characteristic of reflecting Infrared Rays of the sun off of the surface to result in lowered energy costs. Because of this reflectivity, Ceramic Coatings has a Low-Emissivity rating. (The same insulation rating energy efficient windows carry)

Ceramic Coatings® has been tested by BASF (the chemical company) to remain flexible, bond to any paintable surface, be breathable and not to breakdown from wind, rain or the sun for decades. Cearmic Coatings® also can be tinted to any color, is mold and mildew resistant, Class “A” Fire Rating and completely waterproofs any surface it is applied to. Ceramic Coatings  is also backed by a 25 years Warranty. The time of our  Warranty is based on the results of BASFs’ Xenon Arc Weatherometer which is an accelerated weathering chamber that has global acceptance for accuracy.


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